Underfloor Heating Heatmat

We have selected a number of Heatmat products to grace our shelves here at Tilers World because of their optimum suitability for tiled floors and ease of fitting. We carry two main variants of Heatmat with different outputs per square metre, the 160W /sqm and 200W /sqm. The 160W /sqm version is suitable for any floor type, whereas the ultra thin 200W /sqm type heats up faster but cannot be fitted directly onto wooden floors without levelling compound or insulation. The 200W /sqm version doesn’t use more energy when used with a thermostat, and by the way the Heatmat ones are very nice to look at – important for clients with a luxury setting. Both are available in a range of sizes.

In addition to the underfloor heating mats, the Heat Mat PipeGuard is a fast, efficient solution for tackling the problem of burst pipes and protecting outdoor taps or water pipes.