Choosing & Buying Tiles

The Stress-Free Way to Choose and Buy Tile

Nothing is worse than embarking on a home improvement project only to buckle under the stress of the process. A good place to fall victim to stress is choosing the various elements that will be used in your project – such as tile, for example. There are so many tiling choices that one could go crazy trying to settle on one.

A stress-free tile choice begins with a decision to enjoy yourself and willingly look at options outside of your usual preferences. Indeed, being a bit adventurous may lead you to something you would never have dreamed of installing before. This goes for colours, textures, and even shapes. Thinking outside the box adds an extra element of fun and excitement.

Along with having fun, do not forget that professional advice is always good. The professionals know what kinds of tile fit your budget. They know what colours work with your decorating scheme, what patterns will be most attractive, and what materials will give you the best performance with the longest life.

Be sure to ask for advice about installing your tile as well. Remember that there is a right and wrong way to do everything. A sales associate at your tile store can give you helpful hints and perhaps written instructions.

Style vs Utility

People can easily become bogged down and stressed over the question of style versus utility. Yet you need not compromise one in order to achieve the other. You can have fully functional tiles that are both attractive and durable without breaking the bank. Even so, do not compromise on quality. Your new tiles will be an investment in your home; treat them that way.

Where styling is concerned, incorporate your tile choices into the overall environment. For example, lighter colours make a small room look bigger and a darker room look brighter. Dark colours do just the opposite.

If you cannot find that truly unique tile, don't worry about it. You can achieve a stylish look by choosing a plain tile and spicing it up with borders and décors. You can also choose a larger or smaller tile depending on how many cuts will be made in your room. And, of course, you can choose a grout colour to either blend in with your tiles or accent them through contrast.

Plan Before You Shop

The final key to a stress-free tile experience is to plan before you begin shopping. This includes knowing the total area you will be covering in order to purchase the right amount of tile. Experts say you should buy 5-10% more tile that you think you will need.

Part of proper planning is to understand the environment your tiles will be exposed to. This will help you decide whether to choose ceramicporcelainstone or a fabricated product.

Choosing tiles does not have to be stressful. With proper planning and a willingness to be adventurous, it can be a lot of fun. That's the way to do a home improvement project!

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