Which Kitchen Tile?

Choosing the Right Kitchen Tile

Installing tile in your kitchen is a great way to achieve attractive and durable surfaces that are also easy to keep clean. Second to bathrooms, kitchens are the most common place in modern homes to find tile work. The difficulty that most homeowners run into is choosing the right tile for the kitchen. Should they use different materials and colours for walls and floors? Should they use different sizes? What material is best for their environment?

These are all questions with answers that can only be supplied by the individual homeowner. However, we would like to offer some tips to help get you started. Here are the things you will need to consider when choosing the right kitchen tiles:

Tile Size

The size of the tiles you choose depends on two things – where these will be placed and the overall size of your kitchen. For example, kitchen walls are seldom tiled from floor to ceiling. Rather, wall tiles are usually only installed as a splashback near the cooker, sink, and food preparation areas. Choosing a large tile for this purpose can provide great functionality and good looks. Nevertheless, keep in mind that larger tiles will require more cuts to fit into limited space. This could ruin the look of your splashback.

Tile choices for the floor should be considered in light of the overall size of the kitchen space. A smaller kitchen usually achieves better flow with smaller tiles. They also seem to work better in those tight spaces between appliances and cabinets. However, small tiles in a large, wide-open kitchen can be too busy and overwhelming. Bigger kitchens are better served with larger tiles.

Some homeowners prefer to use a combination of large and small tiles in a mosaic or multi-format pattern. Combining different sizes affords the opportunity to create an interesting and unique look no one else has.

Colours and Materials

Your colour choices are about more than just your personal preferences for colour. They also affect how you will perceive size and warmth. For example, lighter colours give a larger appearance but a cooler feel. Darker tiles provide a warmer look but also reduce perceptions of size.

Choose your colours in relation to cabinetry and walls. Do not worry about using tile as an accent, as this can be accomplished through wall hangings and other decorations. Choose tile that complements your other colours nicely for the most comfortable and consistent look.

As for materials, ceramic and porcelain are the best choices for splashbacks, walls and counter tops. These are the easiest to keep clean and the most durable for food preparation. Feel free to use natural stone for a great look on the floor. We have plenty of styles to choose from among all our materials, by the way.

Home Heating

Owners of older properties may find that placing tiles on the floor makes for cold feet during the winter months. This can be alleviated somewhat by installing tile over wood or first installing a floor heating system. New properties may already have ambient floor heating that reduces the problem. 

Your choice of kitchen tiles is all about style, utility, and durability. We have multiple material, colour, and pattern options to satisfy every preference and budget.

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